In 2019, Altitude Aerospace Group acquired an interest in Altech Aerospace to reinforce the group’s expertise, knowledge and reach to better serve the United States and the international aerospace market. While we had integrated our activities and our offering, we continued to operate under separate banners.  We are now consolidating all entities within the group under the same branding. In addition to sharing the same ambitions, all our sites will now bear the same colors, the same image and a new website. We are thrilled to present this new site and new overall image to you!

Altech Aerospace will now be represented as Altitude Aerospace USA.

About the Altitude Aerospace Group

The Altitude Aerospace group supports new aircraft developments and in-service modifications and repairs. Present in the US, France and Canada, our delegates and DAOs provide support on regulatory requirements for FAA, EASA and Transport Canada certification projects. Over the last 15 years, we have supported large cargo modifications, new business and commercial aircraft and various STCs worldwide. Altitude Aerospace is a fast growing international aerospace engineering firm recognized for our high level of engineering expertise, our agility and our hands on approach.

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